Wound and tendon recovery with laser therapy

trotter completely recovered after tendon injury

We received the following message from Claudine van Dam:

“Last Friday my horse / trotter Echo Oldeson won a race in Germany.

Everyone was amazed at his reappearance, because they knew about his tendon injury.

I wanted to thank you again for using / renting the laser device, it was in February 2019 … when I rang the bell with you.

Echo was caught in his tendon, the most important one too.

A hole of 7 cm turned out later, I have been about to euthanize him, but my feeling said to give it a shot.

Been using the laser every day for months and that helped, you don’t even see where the hole was “

Now Echo did not just have a tendon injury, but this was a tendon injury caused by kicking in the leg, which also caused a large wound.

Because there was damage to both the skin and the tendon, laser therapy was chosen. Laser light has a positive effect on the cells, allowing them to recover faster. This happens in different ways. Here you can read how this works exactly.

The laser therapy completely restored both the wound and the tendon and even so well that Echo is back to its old level