Rental Therapulse (per month)


With pulsating magnetic field therapy, in particular with the Centurion Therapulse, you can support the sport horse to perform optimally. The different setting options of the Therapulse each have a different influence on the body. At the lowest setting (2 Hz) it gives a signal to the brain, causing it to produce endorphins. This shows a clearly relaxed horse If you start riding after the treatment, you immediately feel that he is better losing up his back, to let you sit better and to be able to get to work immediately.

We treat the horses that need a longer time to warm up for work with a higher setting. (15 or 30 Hz). This improves blood flow and the cells receive more nutrients and oxygen. This will shorten the warm-up time and we can really get to work faster.

It is good for all horses to give them a post-treatment with the Therapulse after (heavy) work. With this the waste is removed faster and in this way stiffness is prevented to a large extent the next day.

In addition to buying, it is also possible to rent the therapulse indefinitely. This can be to treat a short-term problem, or to try the equipment before purchasing.

In addition to supporting (sports) horses, pulsating magnetic field therapy is also widely used for treating various back injuries. It can be used both before and after work, depending on the desired result. By using the Therapulse in healthy (sport) horses, acidification is prevented / limited so that problems due to overload can be prevented.

The Therapulse has 3 settings

  • 2 Hz for the acute stage of the injury to reduce pain and inflammation
  • 15 Hz to stimulate metabolism at the cell level
  • 30 Hz to improve circulation

Renting is possible to treat a single injury But the rental is also intended to test the equipment before purchasing. Therefore, the first three months of rental are considered a trial period and are therefore fully deducted from the sales price.

The first month’s rent goes through the webshop, after which you will receive a monthly invoice.

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