Rental 4PH (per month)


The 4PH comes with 4 legwraps, a bodyblanket. 2 splitterboxes end a carrybag.

The 4PH is the most complete machine. The spats can be wrapped around the leg or placed in the pockets of the blanket. Two spats can also be used together to treat the neck. The blanket is made of sturdy cotton and contains pockets in which the spats can be placed in the desired position.

n addition to buying, it is also possible to rent 4PH indefinitely. This can be to treat a short-term problem, or to try the equipment before purchasing.

The frequency can be set in 10 steps between 1 and 50 Hz. . The intensity has 9 steps between 5 and 100 Gz.
The time can be varied between 1 and 99 minutes. With this machine, even more so than with the other machines, the treatment can be precisely tailored to the individual situation.

Renting is possible to treat a single injury But the rental is also intended to test the equipment before purchasing. Therefore, the first three months of rental are considered a trial period and are therefore fully deducted from the sales price.

The first month’s rent goes through the webshop, after which you will receive a monthly invoice.