Neck problems can be treated well with the Centurion Neckpiece. This is a loose neck blanket with 2 coils on either side in which the magnetic field is generated. With two closures on the front, this neck blanket fits almost any horse..

In addition, the neckpiece is also easy to use on the horse’s back.

The Neckpiece is just like the Therapulse a blanket, working on a rechargeable battery. It is fairly light weight. This makes it very easy to use.

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The Neckpiece has 3 settings:

  • 2 Hz for the acute stage of the injury to reduce pain and inflammation
  • 15 Hz to stimulate metabolism at the cell level
  • 30 Hz to improve circulation

In addition to the application in horses, the Neckpiece is also excellent for dogs. In addition, the blanket can be placed over the dog, or it can be placed on the floor, after which the dog can lie down with a blanket on it.

You can also use the Neckpiece for yourself by putting it behind your back and sitting against it.

It is used in horses, dogs and people for injuries, but also to prevent injuries.

This makes the Neckpiece probably themost versatile magnetic field therapy device. Ideal for animal physiotherapists and others who want to treat both the whole horse and / or dogs.

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