EZY system


The Centurion EZY is a PEMF therapy system that is particularly effective for treating disorders in various places of the human body..

The most commonly used form of the EZY is a ring that can be placed around a part of the body. ue to the latest tesla technology, the system is light in weight and easier to use than the older models. The EZY system can be used where it is needed.

The shape of the ring puts you in the middle of the magnetic field (as opposed to a mat or blanket where you lie on or under the field). This makes the effect even greater. The field of the ring is so large that when the ring is used around the waist, almost the entire body is treated..

With the EZY magnetic field therapy system you can choose from 4 frequencies. The lowest frequency is used in the acute stage and reduces pain and inflammation. Higher frequencies are for improving circulation and metabolism. The treatment time can be adjusted with a 10 minute interval from 20 to 60 minutes.

Weight 5 kg