The Centurion transpirator can help horses with respiratory problems ranging from an acute respiratory infection to chronic respiratory problems.

The transpirator ensures a faster recovery and does this without the use of medication. Even horses with an allergy whose cause cannot be eliminated respond well to a course with the transpirator.. Sufficient for most problems in a one-month course.


The transpirator delivers water vapor with a temperature just slightly above body temperature. . The water particles are so small that they even reach the deepest and smallest alveoli. This is in contrast to a nebulizer where small water droplets are supplied. The water droplets from a nebulizer only reach the upper airway.

The Transpirator can be used with all horse breeds, from foal to adult horse. The outgoing air has a humidity of 100% at a temperature of approximately 40 ° C. The amount of air flowing out is more than the deepest inhalation of the largest, resting horse. In other words; the water vapor concentration and the temperature of the inhaled air is always the same regardless of the size of the horse.

Moisture and heat

The horse breathes in the heated and moist air through an open mouth and nose mask. As a result, the horse is not bothered by the speed and sound of the air flow. The horse can also continue to breathe comfortably and safely when the airflow suddenly stops, such as in the event of a power failure.


The air that the horse inhales is already warmed up and humidified, so that the upper airway do not have to do this more during the treatment. This prevents heat and water loss via the airway. A thin layer of condensation is deposited on the walls of the airway. This condensed water dilutes the mucus, dissolves lumps of mucus and helps cleaning through the cilia.