The Centurion Laser Shower is very user-friendly and has the most modern laser therapy technology available.

Your Centurion Laser Shower unit contains the following items:

1. Carrying bag
2. Laser generator unit
3. Two applicators, a wide-angle head and a point laser

The Centurion Laser Shower operates by emitting a continuous shower of laser light at multiple frequencies.. This makes that a wide range of problems ranging from superficial wounds to deep seated soft tissue problems may be treated. (like tendons)

The Centurion Laser Shower is battery operated. Each charge will last 10 hours before recharging becomes necessary. The supplied charger is then plugged into the unit and it will be charged overnight, ready for use in the morning.

Features Centurion Laser Shower:

  • Visible infrared light
  • Multi-frequency spectrum
  • Pre-programmed frequency range from 20 till 20.000 Hz
  • 785 nM wavelenght
  • Continues wave for strong average power
  • Wide angle head applicator (7 diodes)
  • Point applicator
  • Acupunctuur pointfinder (optioneel)
  • Built-in digital timer

The Ultra Wide Head emits laser light at 785 nanometers from seven laser diodes and is utilized over large treatment areas.

The Superfine Head emits laser light at 785 NM from a single laser diode. Iti is used for small treatment areas and to stimulate acupuncture points…