Rental Boreas (per month)


The Centurion Boreas is a cooling machine that makes cooling a lot easier and more efficient. The Boreas uses ice water and air that is led through leg pieces. This allows the legs to be cooled while at the same time exerting pressure on the tissue.. This combination prevents swelling or allows the swelling to decrease quickly.

In addition to buying, it is also possible to rent the Boreas indefinitely. This can be to treat a short-term problem, or to try the equipment before purchasing.

The Boreas combination of cooling and compression can of course be used after a workout to quickly cool the tissue in the legs and in this way prevent injuries. But the therapy can also be used as a pre-training prior to a heavy training / competition. In addition, it is used for countless injuries such as strains of ligaments and tendon injuries.

Due to the combination of cooling and pressure, the effect is much greater than with cooling alone. It gives a positive effect on the tissue because it:

  • The inflammatory response after an injury and training diminishes
  • The blood flow to the treated and surrounding tissue improves
  • he inflammatory response after an injury and training diminishes
  • he inflammatory response after an injury and training diminishes
  • Reduces pain with injuries

The ice water in the Boreas does not come into contact with the skin, it is the cold of the water flowing through the elements that cools the tissue.

Renting is possible to treat a single injury But the rental is also intended to test the equipment before purchasing. Therefore, the first three months of rental are considered a trial period and are therefore fully deducted from the sales price.

The first month’s rent goes through the webshop, after which you will receive a monthly invoice.