Minipulse cover


It is a cover where you can put the Minipulse in. Then you put it all around the horse’s leg. Due to the thicker layer, the Minipulse stays in place better. In addition, you prevent the tires of the Minipulse from wearing out. You don’t even need the tires at all anymore. Very easy to use. The cover is also made in such a way that it also stays very well around the hock

In the more than 20 years that we rent and sell the Minipulse, we always found that the attachment around the leg could be better. We noticed that despite the advice we gave to put on a bandage or tendon protector first, this was often not done. (I also often did quickly a minipulse around a leg) There was usually tried to get the Minipulse well to the leg by pulling the straps tight.

Unfortunately, due to the tightening of the straps, the elasticity of the tires and the Velcro no longer sticks properly. As a result, the Minipulse sinks and sometimes the horse stands on it.Now the Minipulse is made for horses and can have something and the Centurion system makes it possible to repair the Minipulse for reasonably limited costs, but we wanted something better .

That is why we have in collaboration with borduurservice Den Bosch e.o. developed a cover for the minipulse. The Minipulse can be put in the cover and then the whole can be put on the leg. The cover provides padding between the leg and the Minipulse so that it stays in place better and you are no longer dependent on the Velcro alone. The cover is made in such a way that you can easily put it on the hock. And all buttons and the charging point are accessible without having to take the Minipulse out of the cover.