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User experiences

I use pulsating magnetic field therapy with regularity in our veterinary practice. And then I immediately put the emphasis on the pulsating magnetic field therapy, because I know that there are, for example, blankets with fixed magnets, but I see no point in that at all. I use the therapy especially with attachment problems of the tendons. I have the idea that it is analgesic and promotes healing. But I have also used it in other cases such as a hoof bone fracture. It works very practical and the owner can do it himself. In addition, I treat many sport horses that you cannot just give everything. This can be a nice support in the sport to remedy minor aches and pains. In rehabilitation, all kinds of devices pass by that should work well. Many of them also disappear quickly. However, I have been using this therapy for more than ten years and I keep coming back to it. That says enough.

Leendert-Jan Hofland, DAP Bodegraven


minipulse pulsating magnetic field therapy

My horse had a chronic tendon injury and could never be ridden again. I first rented the minipulse for a month and then bought it, the difference was huge. I have used the device faithfully three times a week for at least half a year and another year every time after riding. Now it is going well, we do not ride so fast and so often, but we ride again when that would no longer be possible! Great device, never regretted it!

Esther Adriaanse

Very good results achieved with the mini pulse! My daughter's pony had an injury to the check ligament, 4 weeks of walking then a check scan again. I started with the mini pulse and instead of four weeks I had pony scanned after three weeks with a very positive result, check ligament looked great and pony was allowed to rebuild in motion. Just to be sure, I continued to treat the mini-pulse for another month and now four weeks later the pony jumps again! Very happy with the mini pulse!

Linda Salaba

Super experience with the centurion mini-pulse! I use the mini-pulse for a big hematoma on the jump of my horse. After a week of building up the mini-pulse, a positive result was already visible. After a month of use we went to the vet for a check up and we have the green light again! The vet was amazed by the decrease (in size) of the hematoma and was positively surprised. Because there is still a remnant of the hematoma present, I will continue for another month with the mini-pulse also to assist in building. It is sometimes a challenge to use the mini-pulse on the jump, but with the help of a bandage it stays in place. My horse experiences the treatment itself as pleasant, it looks super relaxed. MagnaCare thinks carefully with regard to the application of the products from their range and advises what fits best.

Kiran Jamil

My horse Leo is now 21, I have him for 17 years. He has had nine tendon injuries for the past 15 years. It is still running, is still functional. From the first injury I started using the Minipulse from Magnacare.<br />
Tendons are very badly blooded and what you can stimulate therein during the<br />
rehabilitation is included. That does the magnetic field therapy and it is also pain relieving and through better circulation the connective tissue can be limited. That is always there, but the treatment helps the tendon to become functional again. The following injuries were never a relapse of an old injury but always in a different place. We could eventually<br />
draw the conclusion that this horse does not have the best tendons, but it says something about how the older spots were restored. When it was the turn of a hind leg, we bought a Minipulse. A hindleg is even harder and longer lasting and we now had the idea that this would not be the last.<br />
That was true and always against it with patience and the magnetic field therapy. We are now nine injuries further but he is still running, of course with adjustments also due to his age. What we see when the Minipulse is applied is relaxation with the horse. Now the horse cannot tell, but we now know how it feels. We use it for everything. A migraine attack. Muscle strain. Going through your back. Just sit comfortably with the Minipulse against your back, then you'll notice what it does.<br />
My daughter's horse quickly becomes sensitive behind the saddle, and we lay it flat on it. Our other horse had a graft bone fracture a few years ago. Has undergone surgery and the Minipulse has also been applied there.<br />
The advantage of this system is that, even if you rent it, you can apply it yourself. Just at home in the stable and actually unlimited. There is no need for a vet and you don't have to go there.<br />
Again, I have felt the effect myself and when I look at my 21-year-old I see it.

Thera Mantoua

Since last year I use the Minipulse with different horses with different problems, I find it very special to see how well it works! One of my horses was once operated on a leg and that leg was often warm and full after work. Since I use the mini pulse after driving, it is going very well. There is hardly any swelling and the horse is visibly relaxed.<br />
But it can also be very useful for other places. For example, I recently had a horse that fell on the street, in the first few days after the fall I laid the Minipulse a few times on its neck and in the meantime it has completely recovered

Femke Beljon

A few months after purchase, my horse turned out to have an old tendon injury that again bothered him. Almost immediately we started with the mini pulse and despite the fact that it was an old injury, it was healed quickly and nicely.
Because we really believe in the mini pulse we have bought one and still use it every day.
A very satisfied customer so ....

Elena Vis

Yesterday the tendon of Freedom was again scanned and it all looks very good. An injury which we did not expect it would be okay, we are now seeing again tissue formation ad the adhesion. And also a nice quality. I use the minipulse now almost a month and we can begin to build work now. Thanks to your advice the tendon is pretty miraculous healing. My vet was also very positive and excited when I told them I'm using the minipulse. He had himself also very good experiences with it. So we try to build and go with your advice. Thank you very much for the perfect service. This minipulse you won't see back for a while :-))


Dear Arja, I can only say that I am very, very satisfied with the service provided by you (I called and within two days I got the minipulse) and the Minipluse itself. I have Minipulse advised by DAP De Vallei and FPC de Hofstede, where my horse stood for a long time because of his injury. The results are great. The swelling on his leg is gone! Because I was already so excited, I asked you whether the minipulse would be more broadly usable. Meanwhile, I use these; yes, I was so excited that I got one purchased, also on the back of the horses that I treat with my massage work. I'm saving to buy a blanket as well. That is the next target. Thank you again for all the good service and selling this great product!

Daniëlle Sent

Hereby I would like to say that I am very pleased with the Mini Pulse. I use the Minipulse now three months every day with my horse which had a tendon injury to his front leg (which he has already suffered six months ago). Now it's going well and I'm building up the training and winding down with the Minipulse. Thanks for the friendly service!



Neckpiece pulsating magnetic field therapy

What I do I call body therapy for horses. I use different techniques to achieve the (best for me) proven results:
 Cranio-Sacral Therapy
 Masterson method
 Guasha (for man and horse)
 Magnetic field therapy.
So I mainly work on the head, the entire spine from head to tail and the nervous system. Since August 2018 I started using magnetic field therapy during treatment. I wanted to be able to add something extra to the treatment, something that helps the horses to deal with the treatment and the removal of waste. And it works well!
I first tried the blanket on myself; I think it is necessary to know how it feels and what it does before I try it with a horse!
It is funny that in principle you feel little to nothing of the magnetic field. Except that your muscles sometimes make a "jump" and they start to feel warm because blood circulation starts. In addition, the magnetic field activates the parasympathetic nervous system, just like my treatment: this part of the nervous system provides relaxation and recovery.<br />
I usually use the blanket at the end of my treatment: if I have done the rest of my treatment. In some cases I take the blanket a bit earlier, but this is completely up to the situation.
In sport horses, the areas on the back are always necessary to catch up with the magnetic field: withers, backs, loins and sacrum.
I would tell owners of sport horses that a magnetic blanket is an absolute must to have in the stable! You prevent serious problems (injuries) and disappointing performance. It does not replace treatment but does contribute to the (better) performance of your horse (s) and not unimportantly: you increase the well-being of your horse (s).
The collaboration with Magnacare is going very well and in the future I hope to expand with even more products from Magnacare!

Paula de Bruin, lichaamstherapie voor paarden

Our Great Dane broke his upper leg and had surgery. To promote the recovery, I contacted Arja. At that time she rented all magnetic field therapy mats but did not hesitate and sent me her private mat. Mellon was very excited to lie on it and Arja guided us well. Control pictures were taken six weeks after surgery and the doctor was amazed at how well Mellon recovered. Thanks to the efforts of Arja, our great friend can already run and play again. Thank you.

José Knol


Hans Peter Minderhout uses also therapulse

My Gelderlander (born 1991) has problems getting up, moving,
especially his back is a problem zone.

This was confirmed in a thermography, since the spine is extreme
hot zones showed:

Through some research I came across the pulsating magnet blankets. What I liked at MagnaCare was the rental option.

The intention was to follow the months with thermography, but unfortunately this was not possible due to COVID. We made another one after 3 weeks, there was some improvement, especially on the hindquarters.

In total we used the blanket for 3.5 months (every day). We stayed at the lowest setting, 2 Hrz, more stimulus backfired. This winter went without any major problems, which I certainly blame for using the therapulse. If we are lucky that he passes the 30, I will definitely use the therapulse again next winter!
@Arja, thank you very much for your support.

Astrid Augenbroe

You really feel a lot of difference! Horses are relaxed at 2 Hz. I'm very happy with it!

Moniek van Dijk

We regularly use the therapulse for our horses. We use this in two cases. To begin with, horses that we feel get muscle soreness quickly. You can see at some stages of the training that the horses are having a bit more trouble with it and that a lot of things have happened in the back. By then putting them on the magnetic field blanket for half an hour after work, I have the feeling that the waste materials are better removed and that they start their work more easily the next day. The second case in which we use it is with somewhat tense horses. We lay the blanket on it prior to work in order to get some muscle tone off. We always use the blanket for a minimum period of a few weeks, every day. I feel that in both cases the horses can start their work more relaxed and resigned and that is a big advantage in the course of the training.

Imke Schellekens-Bartels

Horses really feel different when using the therapy. They start looser with prior treatment. When used after intensive training you notice faster recovery. It works great!

Barbara van den Broek

I have been using the Therapulse blanket from Magnacare for about 3 years to support my treatments. In my work as a sports masseur I have specialized in biomechanics in the 15 years that I am allowed to do this, and I mainly work with dressage horses. Where in the past I used to treat a horse completely, this in combination with the Therapulse blanket goes much smoother. The horses relax after a few minutes, which makes work much easier for me, but it certainly also ensures that the horses experience the treatment as less annoying. Because the Therapulse promotes blood flow and also improves the oxygen supply, the blanket also works for a few hours after my treatment, in this way the horses suffer less from any sensitive muscles. I now have 2 Therapulse blankets .... I think that's enough!

Rosanne Tijssen – van Zelst, Paardensportmasseur

Today super great day. For the first time worked with the whole magnetic therapy blanket  (Therapulse) of MagnaCare. It went very well simoneand the horses were more relaxed and loose as with a normal treatment. Therefor I was able to treat better with less negative reactions in the horses. So they are more relaxed during the sports massage treatments, which gives a greater result! Most of them had some trouble to to let go the environment and relax, but after about 10 minutes it worked fine!

Simone Bruys, Paardensportmasseur

After my horse has fallen in the stables, he had bruises all over his body and he was very stiff and experienced a lot of pain. After the first period with pain relief and restoration of bruises, we started with the magnetic therapy of MagnaCare. It's nice that you can rent the Centurion Therapulse magnetic field therapy blanket too. It as brought along, and there was a clear explanation about magnetic therapy and how the blanket should be used. Partly due to the daily use of the Centurion Therapulse my horse has recovered faster than when we wouldn't have used the blanket.</p>
<p>I noticed that my horse was becoming very relaxed during treatments. At least he seemed to have a good feeling when the blanket lay on his body and did his job. His muscle tone was less and the movements became smoother.</p>
<p>At a later tendon injury, I've dialy used a daily time use of the Minipulse. This treatment has also been effective. At the next ultrasound the vet was positively surprised by the apparent recovery of the tendon.</p>
Fortunately, we are now injury free, but if something happened again, I will, because I have a positive experience with this, definitely coming back to apply magnetic therapy.

Netty van Nielen

I accidentally came into contact with the magnetic blanket of MagnaCare. For school I had an internship at a horse farm, here I met Arja. After much talking about my horse and the problems that I experienced, Arja told me about the magnetic blanket.</p>
<p>ll just briefly tell what problems I ran into with my horse.</p>
<p>While riding, she stopped just sometimes, it seemed as if she said I can't do it. Good ,because you can't determine after one time, whether it is behavior or body problems, I ride for a while. There was in the long run nothing to do with her, once I went to the right hand or give a right leg, she just stopped. At the same time she slowly built up some muscles ,but she got rid of it quickly. Arja suggested to try the magnetic blanket, because it could be a physical problem could be. I started the blanket in combination a treatment by a sports masseur. These confirmed the problems in the body, decent acidity in her right hamstring and some other issues. After the first treatment of the masseur and four weeks of using the blanket, it went already a lot better. My horse clearly felt better, has more energy and gave a better feeling while riding. When the masseur visit for the second time, she was already a lot stronger in her musculature and the really big problems in her body were a lot less. My horse also find the blanket delicious, she is always having a nap when the blanket on her back. I like to see how my horse improves since I use the blanket.

Priscila Morlog

Some time ago, after much searching a tough shoulder injury was found with my horse Univer. The ligament left that holds the muscles together, was damaged. This injury may arise, because he was doing to crazy when he turned out in the land. The injury is so rare that the vet has consulted specialists in Germany. Unfortunately the injury was known to heal as enormously stubborn and difficult. The advive was: lots of straight riding. However: Univer is not a horse to long to put at rest, or quietly trot along a straight line. That matches not with his character.
Someone tip me to contact with Arja. From the beginning she has thought very well with me and gave advice what would best suit his injury. So we came up with the Therapulse. The advantage of the Therapulse is that you can attach it so, just so you can properly treat the problem areas.</p>
<p>Univer is a huge sensible horse and very shaky on his body. Putting up a blanket, which emits vibrations, is not something you can easily do. The first 2x it must be done very carafully, but as soon that the blanket is was up, it was fine. After a few days he was just lrelax in its box with the Therapulse. I dare therefore say that if he accepts the therapulse, every horse will find this fine!
Ultimately, the injury, by the better blood flow because of the Therapulse, heal faster than previously predicted and Univer had no more trouble of his shoulder injury. Recommended! Especially since you can do this yourself every day, making it easy to fit in.


horse on hoofpad for treatment of laminitis

Despite strict feeding and pasture management my Shetland Rocky was in January 2010 hit by heavy laminitis. A strange time to become captivated, it froze gigantic, there was snow ... But according to the vets DAP Visdonk in Roosendaal, where Rocky went back for treatment, he was not the first pony they had seized in the clinic that month. Rocky was treated by farrier Rob van Nassau. After two weeks watching helplessly and hope it would go better, I met Arja, who I had known for some time, at the stallion show in Den Bosch. It was very bad that day with Rocky. I did my story and Arja told that she had no experience with the hoofpad with laminitis horses. Because she was very curious whether the therapy with the hoofpad also had effect in laminitis, I could use it as long as they did not need it. So I had the hoofpad a few days later and could initiate therapy. Initially it seemed Rocky don't like it to stand on the hoofpad for half. Despite the pain he had, he did not really stand still and sometimes he even off it. But after a few days it went better. Rocky got very easy on the hoofpad, remained patient and relaxed and stand there until the half hour was over. Meanwhile I had phased out the use of painkillers from the vet and the magnetic field therapy was the only "medicine" that he got. I have used the hoofpad daily for about a month. Specialwas that Rocky became after a week or three, four less and less patient and did not want to stand. In my eyes a sign that the pain had subsided. Of course I have no hard evidence that this is only the hoofpad, but I really think that the magnetic therapy has helped restore my pony. We are now over two years later, he walks - although still irons - better than ever ..

Marjolein Munnich

EZY system

Ezy PEMF system for human

To begin with, I will briefly introduce myself. I'm Kim Vogelaar-Vroegop. I'm working since 2006 as a physiotherapist and since 2009 also as animal physiotherapist. Because a horse at our stables had a tendon injury, I came into contact with Magnacare. I have seen good results of magnetic therapy in different animals and owners. During my training and work as a physiotherapist I noticed that very little use was made of this beautiful method of treatment. In 2009 I started as an animal physiotherapist and I was given the opportunity to apply magnetic therapy. Since 2012 I have my own practice where I can treat dogs. Since then I basically treat each dog on magnetic field. I put the carpet under my treatment mat, so I can combine the two therapies very nice, with good results. Especially in animals that have a lot of pain, as with a hernia, you really take away the pain and relax the animal. These owners I recommend therefore always to hire magnetic field, so that the animal can take full advantage of.
In short, I have been working for several years with full satisfaction with Magnacare with many different animals.

Kim Vogelaar-Vroegop

Because my dog had a painful fall, I came into contact with magnetic therapy. After every treatment I saw at first that he was very relaxed and walked a lot more smoothly. I then ended up on you site and saw that it also applies to people. At that moment I had a lot of pain in my lower back (spondylitis) and had to have painkillers detest drugs and I tought if it do no benefit, it than harms it either. I couldn't not turn in my bed at night and in the morning I had to be kind of hoisted out of bed. I started in December 2013 on the inflamation inhibiting position and it had immedeately a good effect. I expanded to what is indicated in the instructions and because my problem is chronic I treat twice a day. 1x before I go to sleep at position 2 (you can sleep like a baby) and 1x when I wake up at stand 30. Then I get out of bed almost painless and can be fresh and fruity to start the day. Previously, it took about 4 hours before I could move fairly. For everyone this is obviously different but I want to share this absolutely.What a delight! And almost no pain and no medicine! Furthermore, for anything and everything good. For example: psoriasis (unfortunately also the victim of). My wounds were initially worse, but just after a week it went a lot better soon. I must unfortunately remain on medications but is instead of 4 to 6 pills per day at I use now 2 to 3 per day. If there are questions reassure them.

Gretha Greber

No surgery needed by using magnetic field therapy. Our Labrador Milo is a very lively dog, but some time ago was struggling with pain in his left front leg. When he walked it seemed he constantly stumbled. We wait a while, but nothing changed and we decided to take a visit to the vet. We were advised to take X-rays and make that Milo should be operated on, after that putting his leg in plaster, and then there would be a long rehabilitation process to follow. This made us think, because you want the best for your faithful pet. Until we came into contact with Arja and we heard of magnetic therapy. We thought we could always give it a try. We rented a magnetic plate to see if that would work and so after about 2 months Milo went well again and he could again enjoy being crazy outside and to date he still has no problems or pain. We as dog lovers were and still are amazed at how well the magnetic plate is excited. Highly recommended for dogs! We would therefore recommend it to anyone. Our dog Milo runs since then wonderfully happy and without pain around.

Marco Noordhoek

In painful feet and knees, as in my case, hallux valgus and osteoarthritis in the feet and ligaments injury and cartilage degeneration in the knee, magnetic field therapy can bring relief to .The therapy works anti-inflammatory and therefore pain relieving. It further activates the circulation, causing me less complaints with walking.

Netty van Nielen
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medium power laser

My 8 year old gelding kept a bulge above the bullet on the outside after a fall in the horse walker. So, after 10 days of taking it easy, the bump stayed, hop, to DAP Bodegraven. My horse was not lame, but after a scan made by Sander de Blaauw, it turned out that the intermediate branch of the tendon was 30% damaged, he also calls this the shin. He often sees these kinds of injuries after, for example, turning the bullet. So this was in line with my story of the fall in the mill.

The tendon was injected directly with PRP and I had to walk it for 6 weeks. In my case among the man because he is very busy on the hand. Under the saddle I regularly had lessons from Solange Schrijer (physiotherapist and equine chiropracter). From her I learned to let my horse walk through the body, erect, low for a long time, etc. In this way he kept on working well, loosely through his body and he lost little muscle mass.

In addition, Solange Schrijer regularly advised me to laser the tendon. She herself has the Centurion laser from Magnacare. I rented the medium laser through Magnacare and I lasered my horse's leg daily for a month. I held the so-called "shower head" in one place for 30 seconds and went down the entire lower leg. This took me 15 minutes every day and very honestly, anyone can do it. The laser is easy to set up and handle.

Besides the PRP and the Centurion laser, my horse has also been in the Aquatrainer of Horses in Hands twice a week. This to support the muscles, for variety and you immediately cool the tendon.

After six (long) weeks the time had come, my horse was scanned again by Sander de Blaauw at DAP Bodegraven. And it turns out: the tendon is completely healed and this without scar tissue! What a quick and good recovery of the tendon!

I am convinced that in addition to the PRP, the laser has done an incredible job and I can recommend it to everyone.

Now slowly build up and after the summer again pick up our work and back into the competition ring!

Special thanks to DAP Bodegraven - Sander de Blaauw, Magnacare, Solange Schrijer and Horses in Hands.


The images below are from before and after 6 weeks of laser therapy

echo voor lasertherapie
echo na lasertherapie

Last Friday my horse / trotter Echo Oldeson won a race in Germany.

Everyone was amazed at his reappearance, because they knew about his tendon injury.

I wanted to thank you again for using / renting the laser device, it was in February 2019 … when I rang the bell with you.

Echo was caught in his tendon, the most important one too.

A hole of 7 cm turned out later, I have been about to euthanize him, but my feeling said to give it a shot.

Claudine van Dam

we have been using the laser for several months, great for injuries or just nice for the muscles. we are lyrical about it ..
service is really great !!

Jacqueline Walvoort

Very satisfied with the result of the laser device !! I had rented these for a month for our injured pony and the result is amazing

Suzanne van Diggele

On Sunday I took my stick and stick lame horse from the pasture, she would actually prefer not stand on her right hind leg. Called the vet and he thought of a sore hoof, we packed the foot with wet end in the hope the next day the location of the abscess could be found. Blacksmith there, there was no abscess......... Putting her on painkillers and made an appointment to scan the leg in the stable (X-rays and ultrasound), it seems to be a tenosynovitis and a not very nice tendon (the latter would be "negligible" and that did not cause the pain).</p>
The advice was; injecting with cortico steriods. After doubting decided for the injection with cortico steroids, but there was no effect and the leg and remained the same (painful and slightly swollen). Since she could not without the painkillers, I opted for a second opinion at a horse clinic. They did another scan where something else came out; She had a hole in her ligament just above the fetlock, this "disease" they rarely see. Option was an exploratory operation, they would then clean and cut the ligament, the chances of recovery remained "reserved". In consultation with the vet we decided todo her 24/7 on the meadow to walk, expanding the walk and still try to build off the painkillers. So we could give her during he summer the chance to recover on he own. According to the vet if she had not improved after 2 months we had to consider surgery.</p>
<p>I spoke to an acquaintance on the phone and did the whole story, which she said, if I were you I would apply laser therapy. Never heard of it, but it was worth trying, I finally had nothing to lose! Icontacted Arja from MagnaCare and 2 days later I had the laser in the stable! In 10 days the leg is 2.5 cm thinner in size and she could do without pain relief! I did not know what I was going through! The first 10 days I have treated the leg 2x per day with the laser and after that 1x per day. I have done this for 4 months, the last month I have completely phased out.<br />
In total the leg shrunk about 3 cm leg and it is now the same size as her other hindleg. The area is still shrinking, it is soft, not painful and is absolutely sound (in all courses!).<br />
And that at her age, 21 years! We are already 3 months without laser and it stays good!</p>
<p>I am very grateful to my acquaintance that she has told me about the laser and Arja very grateful because the laser was with 2 days at my house and gave me the instructions given how I had to apply.<br />
In short, very happy with the laser, a fantastic result! I recommend everyone, if dealing with such problems call Arja leg for advice and which treatment fits there, it really works!

Maaike Hombroek

<p>My dog has one week for its UV test, his paws faltered. Frontpaws a flap that was loose, behind just broken. With an UV test your dog runs 20 km beside your bike with 2 x break. After 20 km the soles should look good. So it was very frustrating that he had broken his pads. I have had he dog's pads lasered two times and he has taken his UV exam with gloss !!</p>


transpirator for treatment of respiratory problems

My mare had been training for some time after training in the forest (I ride endurance with her) and with blobs from one of the nostrils. One time it was right, the other left. She had no other complaints such as coughing or comments during the veterinary checks. Unfortunately, a scan showed nothing and both the treatment with Sputolysin and Ventipulmin had no results.
Because she was injured by a stumble during training and therefore had to rest on the meadow for a long time, I stopped the investigations. This was in August 2017.
When she was healed from her tendon injury in May 2019, I slowly started to rebuild her movement. At first this seemed to go well and she remained complaint-free. Until we were allowed to rebuild the trot in the forest in September 2019. Blobs came again. After consultation with 1 of my veterinarians, I decided to have a lung rinse mid October 2019. The result: severe equine asthma with values ​​of more than double the maximum allowed. In addition to the Ventipulmin (2 times a day for 2 x 10 days) & Flixotide (2 times a day for 2 months) that she received as treatment, I rented the perspirator from Arja for a number of weeks. This on the advice of a good friend of mine.
The scheme I used is:
week 1 & 2: 2 x daily 1 hour (of which in week 2 with the addition of Ionic ResiraSilver Plus +)
week 3: 2 x daily 45 min
week 4: 2 x daily 30 min
week 5: 1 x 30 min
The first 2 weeks she started to cough briefly several times a day because everything started to come loose (I had already been warned about this by Arja) and occasionally she ran a blob out of her nostrils without effort. From the 3rd week that all decreased and less and less came out of her nose.
At the beginning of March 2020 I had the lung rinse repeated to see how things were going. To my great surprise, nothing came out at all. She is completely clean !!!
I am sure that the perspirator has a large part in the healing of my mare.
It was 100% my reaction to the hood and hose. Even our tense gelding used it for 3 weeks without problems to clear his airways.
I am also very satisfied with the accessibility of Arja and the helpfulness and thinking along when I had problems with the device.
In short: really an addition to a therapy or just as cleaning / maintenance!

Panja van de Steeg

I wanted to write a review about the perspirator, my horse had been sick since July 21, at first it seemed like a cold, but because of the green snot and the increase, I immediately brought the vet. From the vet we received mucus loosers, ventipulmin and tubes of antibiotics for 3 days. My horse seemed to recover quickly and after the 3 days of antibiotics it seemed to go in the right direction. However, 2 days after the end of the course she became ill again, again we got antibiotics, this time for 7 days. She recovered well and it seemed to be over, now we had to wait 2 weeks to see if things continued to go in the right direction, but after a week she got sick again and started to cough more. We then got a prednisone course, after 2 days of prednisone I called the vet that it was really going the wrong way, she was getting sicker instead of better. Then the internist in Belgium was informed, he came the same day to make a scan of the airways. The internist fell back sharply from the shock, so much so that she looked inside, the internist was surprised that she was still on her feet and looked so bright, at all, that she was still alive. Everything went on culture, blood, mucus, etc. Unfortunately, no causative agent was found, only a consequence and that was a serious pneumonia. Every day for 5 days was injected with penicillin into the muscle and injected with gentamycin into the blood, we start with expectorants and had to continue with ventipulmin. After 3 days she was the old me again. I was so relieved and happy because I was so scared of losing them. After this 5-day course we continued with the expectorants and ventipulmin and after 3 weeks we had to make a new scope again. It looked good on the scope, but there were still some small remains in the trachea, a leftover was removed and put on culture. In the meantime we had to start again with the expectorants and the ventipulmin. After 3 days the result was that it was clean, no more bacteria. 2 days after this result she was ill again, we were urgently expected at the clinic. I had to prepare to get rid of her nasal discharge. Another scan was made and it turned out that she had it all back, almost as bad as the very first time. Everything was caught again and put on culture. Everything that could be tested was tested, it was a job for the laboratory. The injections started right away, hoping things would get better soon was all we could do. After 2 days she was already the old one and on the 4th day the internist and the vet came with the results ..... Nothing found. The theory was that she had an undiscovered lung disease. The injections were stopped, flixotide nebulizing was started for a month in a nebule and continued for 3 weeks with expectorants and ventipulmin. She remained stable but kept a lot of mucus and snot. I came across magnacare at jumping indoor Maastricht, I thought about it for 2 days, how should we proceed, it cannot go on like this. When we were almost done with the nebule, I immediately called arja and ordered the perspirator for rental. I immediately went to pick it up and started using the perspirator the same day. My horse was absolutely not afraid of the hood and the hose and the vapor didn't bother her either, she loved it. For a week I nebulized for an hour every day, after that week I nebulized for half an hour every day for a week, then for 5 days half an hour and the next week for 4 days and half an hour and the last week I nebulized twice for half an hour. After having sprayed twice for an hour, she no longer coughed at all. While spraying with the perspirator, a lot of mucus came loose, it ran through the nose into the hood and dripped out. Taking it to the meadow I had to put on my rain jacket because when she burst out so much mucus and snot came out which now came loose through the perspirator that I was covered from head to toe, my husband even once had to give me clean pants to bring. When we stopped using the perspirator, she was fit lively, shiny and no longer snot nose. I was terrified that she would get sick again if we stopped, but I think we sprayed long enough. We have now been ready for 3 weeks and she is still happy and does not cough and no snot nose. Without the transpirator it would have been very different, this machine has really done its job and has cleaned up the mess. I am so happy that this machine is also available for rent from magnacare.

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