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Transpirator therapy for respiratory problems

coughing horse with airway problem and nasal discharge


Does your horse cough regularly or does it have problems with its airways for a long time?

Respiratory problems are quite common in horses. Often starting with a simple cough, for example at the start of the work. The cause can vary from viruses, bacteria or dust. But can pass into chronic respiratory problems such as allergies or COPD.

The Centurion transpirator can help horses with respiratory problems ranging from an acute respiratory infection to chronic respiratory problems.

The transpirator ensures a faster recovery and does this without the use of medication. Even horses with an allergy whose cause cannot be eliminated respond well to a course with the transpirator. Sufficient for most problems in a one-month course.

The Transpirator can be used for:

  • Release airways from mucus and reduce the resistance of air movement in the bronchi and other passages in the lungs
  • Viral and bacterial infection
  • Allergies
  • Help with bleeders
transpirator for treatment of respiratory problems


The transpirator delivers water vapor with a temperature just slightly above body temperature. The water particles are so small that they even reach the deepest and smallest alveoli. This is in contrast to a nebulizer where small water droplets are supplied. The water droplets from a nebulizer only reach the upper airway.

The Transpirator can be used with all horse breeds, from foal to adult horse. The outgoing air has a humidity of 100% at a temperature of approximately 40 ° C. The amount of air flowing out is more than the deepest inhalation of the largest, resting horse. In other words; the water vapor concentration and the temperature of the inhaled air is always the same regardless of the size of the horse.

Moisture and heat

The horse breathes in the heated and moist air through an open mouth and nose mask. As a result, the horse is not bothered by the speed and sound of the air flow. The horse can also continue to breathe comfortably and safely when the airflow suddenly stops, such as in the event of a power failure.


The air that the horse inhales is already warmed up and humidified, so that the upper airway do not have to do this more during the treatment. This prevents heat and water loss via the airway. A thin layer of condensation is deposited on the walls of the airway. This condensed water dilutes the mucus, dissolves lumps of mucus and helps cleaning through the cilia.


The Transpirator cannot be used to administer medication because it only adds water vapor to the air. It is intended to support respiratory problems and not to replace medication or antibiotics. The function is to help the body dilute and get rid of mucus and to moisten the airway.

Centurion Ionic ResiraSilver Plus +

The only thing that can be added to the water in the transpirator is Centurion Ionic ResiraSilver Plus. Silver solution is active against all types of microorganisms, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Ionic ResiraSilver Plus + can kill hundreds of different infectious microorganisms – including many of the antibiotic-resistant superpathogens.

Centurion Ionic ResiraSilver Plus + solution is a safe, non-toxic and natural solution that contains silver ions that attach to the enzyme receptor site on the outer shell of pathogenic microorganisms and kill them within 4-6 minutes by absorbing the oxygen uptake appearance. In contrast to pharmaceutical antibiotics, ResiraSilver Plus + has no influence on useful enzymes and tissue cells, they remain intact.

Centurion’s Ionic ResiraSilver Plus + can be used before and after the competition.

Try it out yourself?

Curious about what the transpirator can do for the airway problems of your horse? Then start the rental today and see for yourself. Of course you can also buy. We always settle the first three months’ rent with the selling price. In this way you can experience for yourself how the transpirator works without extra costs and without having to make a big decision.

Try it out yourself?

Start renting the transpirator today

Use of the transpirator

Experiences of Centurion Transpirator users


Renting a transpirator

for a short problem or to try out yourselves
400 a month
  • inclusive VAT
  • for a short-term injury
  • to try out first
  • the first 3 months of rent are deducted from the purchase
start today


in addition to the transpirator
39,95 470 ml
  • inclusive VAT
  • with infections
  • kills fungi and bacteria
  • doping free

Learn here how to use your Transpirator

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