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Rehabilitation and PEMF therapy

EZY PEMF blanket for treatment of various problems
with yourself, your horse or your dog

After serious injuries, surgeries or other serious conditions, we (or our horses or dogs) cannot go back to work in the same way as we did before.

After the first, acute phase, which really needed immediate care, a phase of slow recovery follows, in which more and more can be done. In this rehabilitation phase, the movement is built up in a dosed manner. As a human you move a bit more around the house and maybe go outside carefully to walk there. A dog may slowly walk a bit further on a leash. And with the horses we have schedules starting with steps going on, then on and then some trotting gently.

Building the movement in the right way, and not doing too much and not too little, is very important to all. Thereby the schedules must be followed properly and guidance of therapists is also very important.

Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) can already be used in the acute stage, to inhibit inflammation and alleviate pain. But in the rehabilitation phase, the therapy can also be used to make this phase easier and faster.

back pain is one of the conditions in which PEMF therapy can help with rehabilitation

PEMF therapy acts at the cellular level. There it has an influence on cell metabolism. Because it acts at the cellular level, it affects any tissue, be it muscles, tendons, bones or internal organs. Depending on the frequency, we can inhibit cell metabolism (in the inflammatory phase) or stimulate it (in the rehabilitation phase).

In the rehabilitation phase we use the magnetic field therapy on both the high and the low setting. The high setting is for improving cell metabolism and blood flow. The cells receive more oxygen and nutrients and therefore more energy. This makes the recovery of the tissue faster. But also muscles, which have done little for a long time in the acute phase in which rest was the most important, can recover faster and regain their old strength under the influence of magnetic field therapy.

We usually use this higher setting in the morning (in humans and dogs) to restore blood flow after a night’s rest. If you first use the magnetic field therapy and then start moving, you will notice that this is immediately much easier. This can also be clearly seen in dogs.

In horses we do about the same, but then we use the higher position just before the movement. Also meant to start the blood flow as well as possible before the load takes place.

After the movement, it is good to use the lower position again or to let the tissue recover from the effort.

By using magnetic field therapy during rehabilitation in this way, rehabilitation will run more smoothly and quickly and normal life / training can be resumed more quickly.

For people we usually use the EZY, as a ring around the body or even easier as a blanket.

For dogs we almost always use the Neckpiece of the horses, where the dogs can lie well on or under.

For horses, it is more dependent on the injury site, the Minipulse for the legs or the Neckpiece / Therapulse for the neck and / or back and the body as a whole.