magnetic field horse

Pulsed magnetic field therapy, the daily wellness for (sports) horses

Therapulse pmef blanket

Many people think that pulsating magnetic field therapy can only be used when a horse has an injury, but it has more uses.
Magnetic field therapy can very well help to quickly recover from injuries, but can also be used as a (daily) wellness treatment to prevent injuries from occurring.

Horses in the sport have to work hard and are real athletes, just like human top athletes. The human top athletes receive daily massage and / or physiotherapy. Many horses that have to perform equally hard are also regularly treated by a masseur or physiotherapist. But often that is only once every few weeks.

That counseling by a therapist is certainly necessary for control and treatment, but you could do even more for your horse every day.

During every training waste materials are formed, causing the horse to acidify. These waste materials must be removed as soon as possible after training, to prevent the horse from being affected the following day.

In addition to of course finishing well and getting out, it is a good thing to use pulsating magnetic field therapy after a hard workout. The low-frequency magnetic field therapy helps to remove waste faster and will thus help prevent acidification and stiffness.

The therapy can be applied very simply and without much extra time with the Therapulse. This pulsating magnetic field blanket is simply put over the (sweat) blanket after driving. A treatment takes half an hour. During that time, the horse can remain in the wash area, but it can also be returned to the box to relax there for half an hour.

During the half-hour treatment you will see more and more signs of relaxation in the horse. The eyes become a bit duller, he lets the lower lip hang and he will yawn. Especially when you put it back in the box, it will start to fatten and urinate.

This relaxation is due to the fact that the pulsating magnetic field at the low frequency allows the brain to produce endorphins. That is why we can also use the therapy very well before work on horses that are often very tense, at home or on the competition field.

In that case, put on the blanket for half an hour before you drive. Endorphins are still doing their job now.

When you start riding after this treatment, you will immediately feel that the horse leaves the back much looser, makes you sit more easily and will probably react less exaggeratedly to the environment. You do not have to worry that the horse will become slow, a horse remains a flight animal and will immediately respond attentively if necessary. However, because the treatment makes him feel more relaxed, the overstimulated reaction will disappear.

Furthermore, the therapy can also be used in horses that need to be loosened up a little longer. With these horses we use the higher frequencies. This improves blood flow and metabolism. The warm-up starts already in the stable and ensures that riding is more pleasant for both rider and horse.