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PEMF Therapy and the immune system

The Coronavirus is an epidemic that is spreading all over the world. Many people look for a solution to protect themselves and their families.

Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is unfortunately not a cure for the virus, but with the help of PEMF you can help your body better defend its selves against the virus. This is because PEMF:

  • The immune system improves
  • The amount of oxygen available in the cell increases
  • The electrical balance in the cell improves

Pulsating Magnetic Field Therapy affects things like oxygenation, well-being and revitalization that strengthen the immune system and help fight viruses. Of course, you are unable to stop the worldwide spread of the Coronavirus, but you can prepare your family to fight at the cellular level.

Should you catch the Coronavirus, Centurion’s PEMF EZY system can improve your immune system’s ability to fight it.

No one knows how far this virus will spread and how many communities it will affect. But with Centurion EZY System PEMF technology, you get a fighting chance against the virus. In addition, once this pandemic has resolved, you have a powerful tool to help you age healthily and improve your quality of life.

How does the Coronavirus work?.

The Coronavirus has protein spikes on the surface that look like grappling hooks or crowns (where the word corona comes from, it’s Latin for crown).

corona vrus

These spikes attach to the cells in the lungs. The coronavirus hijacks the cellular process of the lungs and multiplies itself quickly. Ultimately, the infected cell explodes and spreads millions of miniviruses.

How does the body fight viruses?

When a virus infects the body, theimmune system is activated. Blood cells transport phagocytes, the first line of defense against the infection. The phagocyte’s job is to devour the virus-infected cells and trap them in a membrane. The phagocyte creates antigen molecules on its surface. These ensure that those cells can be recognized for destruction. The lymphatic system converts cytotoxic T cells, which search and destroy cells identified by the antigens.

How our body's immune system works

How PEMF helps the body fight the viruses.

PEMF stimulates the immune system and optimizes blood circulation and oxygen levels – putting your body in full fighting mode. Cells involved in the battle with the virus are energized with increased ATP production. ATP, the biological fuel cell, powers the cell to full strength in fighting infection.

In addition, PEMF has an influence on the cells of the blood. Blood cells that power down, lose their positive charge and clump together in something called the Rouleaux effect. .

clumping of blood cells

Capillaries are so small that blood cells can only pass through them in single file. T he Rouleaux effect prevents blood cells from flowing through the fine capillaries where much of the work of the blood is performed, such as absorbing nutrients and oxygen or dispel toxins or carbon dioxide. Blood affected by the Rouleaux effect recirculates without having done its job.

The Rouleaux effect restricts adequate blood flow throughout the body, drastically reducing oxygen levels, causing disease. Viruses thrive in anaerobic conditions (meaning without oxygen).

Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Therapy (PEMF) positively charges the blood cells so that they do not clump together, breaking the Rouleaux effect.

All in all, PEMF helps the body fight. Again it is not a cure, but it can help just that little bit better to fight the virus.