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Osteoarthritis and pulsating magnetic field therapy

osteoarthritis can be treated very well with pemf therapy

We receive many questions about the treatment of osteoarthritis in horses and dogs, but more and more people want to know whether they can apply pulsating magnetic field therapy for themselves because they suffer from osteoarthritis.

In osteoarthritis, the quality of the articular cartilage deteriorates. Sometimes the cartilage even disappears completely. In addition, the quality of the synovial fluid deteriorates. This allows the bones to rub over each other. This causes a lot of pain. The cartilage can only recover minimally. Once damage has occurred, the cartilage usually wears out faster if it can repair it.

The osteoarthritis / wear starts with minor damage. This causes inflammation in the joint. The inflammation makes the synovial fluid more watery and the amount increases. This can often be seen as an overfill of the joint. As a result, the cartilage slips less smoothly together, this again causes more damage and you end up in a vicious circle.

Pulsed magnetic field therapy can help with this in several ways. First we use the magnetic field therapy at the lowest setting. This mode is analgesic and anti-inflammatory.

When the inflammatory process is less, the therapy can be used to improve blood flow and metabolism. This allows the tissue to recover. Often we see that the synovial fluid is of better quality, but usually you do not see a repair of the cartilage, because even with magnetic field therapy this is so slow that it breaks down faster than it grows.

Nevertheless, we notice that both humans and animals benefit from pulsating magnetic field therapy in osteoarthritis. The pain is clearly less and the movement is smoother. It does mean, however, that the therapy must be used permanently. Often we then combine the therapy at the lowest setting for inhibiting inflammation with the setting to improve blood flow.

In humans and dogs, we usually use the high setting in the morning to improve blood flow after lying overnight. This makes it quickly noticeable that moving is easier.

In the evening, the low setting is then used to calm the body and calm the inflammation activated by movement. A nice side effect is that by using the low setting in the evening you can often sleep better.

We do something similar for horses, but if the horse is still being ridden, it is good to do this principle around riding. So before driving at the highest speed to improve blood flow and after driving at the lowest speed to reduce the ignition process.

minipulse pulsed magnetic field therapy for leg problems
Minipulse pulsating magnetic field therapy also for human use
Minipulse magnetic field therapy also for use with a dog

Depending on the location of the osteoarthritis, different versions of the magnetic field therapy equipment can be used. Such as the Minipulse that can be used for humans, horses and dogs.