magnetic filed therapy for dogs

Magnetic field therapy pad for dogs

relaxed dog on magnetic field therapy mat

Magnetic field therapy is also increasingly being used for dogs. That was already the case for the treatment of injuries. But more and more people also choose to use the therapy preventively.

Just like with horses, after a hard training or competition day, it is very good to treat the dogs for the disposal of the waste products and thus prevent the dog from becoming stiff the next day.

At our home it is standard that after training or a competition the dogs are allowed to lie on a magnetic field blanket or mat. Partly because of this our previous dog was able to do agility up to an old age. Before we started the therapy with him, we sometimes saw that he was a bit stiff the next day. Once it became a habit to put him on the magnetic field after training, we couldn’t see any stiffness or so with him the day after training.

We don’t actually have any special mats or blankets for dogs. But for a dog we often use the neckpiece for a horse or, as can be seen here, the mat of the EZY. That is actually meant for the back of people.