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Inflammation and how PEMF therapy can help with that

pain and inflammation can be easily remedied with pemf therapy

(Veterinarians) doctors usually describe their diagnosis in Latin. You often see the suffix itis. This means inflammation. You can find it in tenditis = infalmation of the tendon and bronchitis = inflammation of the trachea bag. And so there are countless examples.

People often think of the word inflammation as a dirty purulent wound. But this is not always the case. Inflammation is the body’s response to tissue damage or external stimuli. The external stimuli often give that dirty, purulent wound.

The inflammation that occurs as a result of damage to the internal tissue is that which we usually deal with injuries. The cause can be overload, but also trauma, such as a blockage.

An inflammation takes place in a number of phases, namely:

Hyperemia: increased blood flow. A response from the body, the capillaries are dilated and the blood flow increased. This causes more blood to enter the inflamed area. You can recognize this; the fabric turns red and it feels warm.
Exudation: Moisture exits the bloodstream because the vessel wall allows more moisture to pass through. Not only fluid exits the bloodstream, but also proteins. This moisture remains in the tissue. This causes swelling.
Pain and inflammation can be treated with magnetic field therapy. Infiltration of white blood cells from the bloodstream at the site of the inflammation. The white blood cells become active in the tissue and cause increased cellular activity. This results in increased energy consumption and heat production in the inflamed tissue.
The swelling stimulates the nerve endings, which causes pain. This situation can be short-term (acute inflammation) but can also become chronic. The therapy used in the first stages of inflammation is: administering anti-inflammatory drugs and cooling.

In addition, pulsating magnetic field therapy can also be used at the lowest setting of 2 Hz. This acts very effectively on the first three stages of the inflammation. At 2 Hz, the capillaries (capillaries) are narrowed and the increased blood flow decreases again. This will also reduce fluid from the bloodstream and much of the swelling is prevented.

At the cellular level, the magnetic field therapy at this low frequency causes the cellular activity to decrease, which is also the opposite of that of the inflammatory response. So the inflammatory reaction becomes less violent.

Because the swelling decreases, the pain will quickly decrease, but this is also because the low frequency therapy allows the brain to produce endorphins. These are the body’s own painkillers.

With an acute inflammation, after these 3 phases the next step will follow, the repair of the tissue. The affected tissue can be restored to its original state, but sometimes this is not possible because the tissue has no or insufficient regeneration capacity to repair all damage. In that case, the damaged tissue will be replaced by connective tissue (scar tissue). If connective tissue is formed, this can lead to loss of function.

This is the moment that the pulsating magnetic field therapy will be used at the higher frequencies. At these higher frequencies, the blood circulation is improved, the capillaries open further. As a result, the cells receive more oxygen and more nutrients. In addition, the higher frequencies provide increased activity at the cellular level.

More oxygen, more nutrients and increased activity provide one

Because this regeneration proceeds faster, more original tissue and less connective tissue are created. As a result, the tissue recovers more to its original state before ignition and the loss of function will be much less.

We see the positive influence of pulsating magnetic field therapy extremely well in tendon injuries in horses. Not only is the time of recovery much shorter there. We also often see that the control scans no longer show any connective tissue, something that occurs when you have the injury repaired without the help of magnetic field therapy.