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This technology has undergone many scientific clinical studies worldwide. Tens of thousands of patients have been successfully treated. A very high success rate has been reported for treated patients, resulting in a significant improvement in their quality of life

In “regular” magnet therapy, magnets such as those found in nature are used. These are applied in a blanket, bracelet, bandages or the like. Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy uses a coil of copper wires through which current flows. By causing the current to change direction with a certain frequency, a pulsating magnetic field is created. The frequency in which the change of direction occurs determines the effect of the therapy, relaxing or stimulating.

Ordinary magnets are stuck in the blanket or bandage, they cannot be turned around, so only 1 effect can be obtained, which is usually stimulating. But in addition, the “ordinary” magnets have a much smaller influence, they are much less strong, so they penetrate less far and have less effect in 24 hours than a pulsating magnetic field in 30 minutes.

magnetic field formed in coil

You can do both. The treatment methods are just below each other. In all the years that we have helped horses with tendon injuries, this has been achieved with the same result in both laser and pulsating magnetic field therapy. It is largely your own preference and partly dependent on the location of the injury.

The big difference is that laser light penetrates only a maximum of 5 cm and is stopped by bones and magnetic field therapy penetrates any type of tissue and the distance is only limited by the force of the magnet. In the case of the minipulse, which is most often used for tendon injuries, this is about 20 cm. More than enough for the entire leg. So when the tendon is deeper or you are talking about an attachment, we prefer magnetic field therapy. In all other cases, the treatment methods are equivalent.

In laser therapy, you hold a type of shower head in one place for about 30 seconds and then move it across the width of the head. You can approach a tendon from three sides, so that you are active for about 15 minutes.

With magnetic field therapy you put the minipulse on the leg and leave it there for 30 minutes, in the meantime you can do something else.

Laser therapy will probably only use you in the acute stage of the injury. Magnetic field therapy can also be used in the build-up phase due to the different setting options, to go through it with less risk.

Laser therapy has a good effect on superficial injuries and on acupuncture points. Magnetic field therapy has a greater depth effect and therefore makes it very effective for deep-lying soft tissue problems and bone damage.

To test if your minipulse is working properly, take the blue test magnet loosely between your thumb and forefinger. You turn on the minipulse and hold the test magnet just above the plate with the buttons. You will feel the magnet move as fast as the light flashes. This is best felt at 15 Hz.

With a therapulse or neckpiece, keep your test magnet near a coil while you turn on the blanket.

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Yes, the low frequency has an extremely relaxing effect on the body and it is normal for the horse to hang his head slightly and to appear extremely relaxed.

Yes, the therapy can be used independently or in combination with other therapies.

To obtain a good magnetic field, many turns of copper wire are required. That makes the blanket heavy. Lighter would also mean less good.

You notice the weight especially when putting it on the horse. To make this easier, it is best to fold the blanket in three, then put it on the horse and then unfold it. That is also a very easy way to put the blanket from one horse to another.

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Especially on very thin (pony) legs, the minipulse sometimes drops. You can prevent this by first placing a bandage, possibly with a cloth around the leg. This does not matter for operation, magnetic fields go through everything.

Cover for Minipulse pulsating magnetic field therapyWe have now developed a cover that fits the minipulse. This cover provides padding between the leg and the minipulse, and protects the minipulse. You can order the cover in the webshop.

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No that is not necessary. We even prefer that you put a blanket on the horse first and then the therapulse. First, the therapulse stays cleaner, but also to keep the horse warm or dry.

fleece blanket under therapulse magnet blanket

Yes, pulsating magnetic field therapy is also often used for keeping sport horses in optimal shape. It is often used before work for relaxation and after work to have the waste materials removed faster.

Also in places where there has been an injury, such as a tendon injury, it is used preventively to improve blood flow before work.

The rental is not only intended to treat a short-term problem, but is also intended to try out the equipment yourself. Therefore, the first three months of rent are fully deducted from the purchase price. From the 4th month, 80% is settled, so that a kind of hire purchase is also possible. You can then choose whether you want to take over the used machine, or if you prefer a completely new machine.

Recently it is also possible for people with a registration at the Chamber of Commerce to lease the equipment. Get in touch with us for more information