magnetc field therapy

Cats and magnetic field therapy

cat is treated on neckpiece

We ourselves usually do not feel pulsating magnetic field therapy. We should use a test magnet to test that the equipment is working. But our body does notice. Injuries heal faster, you feel fitter and you sleep better. But during the treatment you will at most notice that you are super relaxed and that you may fall asleep.

Our animals show a lot better. With horses you can see after a few minutes that they relax step by step, something we like to use again when riding.

Dogs fall asleep very clearly. Usually they lie down and snore.

But the best of the animals are the cats. Cats cannot force you to do anything. Try to keep a cat on a blanket if he doesn’t want to, you really won’t be able to.

But as soon as I grab my magnetic field blanket in the evening and switch it on, they immediately come storming, no matter where they come from, and immediately find the best spot on the blanket.

cat and dog seek out the magnetic field blanket themselves

I also get the most beautiful photos and stories of cats and magnetic fields from customers. The cats clearly know what is good for them and seek therapy themselves. When a session has ended, they often also indicate very clearly that you have to press the start button again. After all, cats have their staff.

kat zoekt EZY deken op

We have already rented equipment for a large number of cats and solved problems. Often these are cats that have been hit or have had another accident. And cats with kidney problems also benefit from magnetic field therapy. If you really want to treat a cat, you can do that very well with an EZY mat or blanket or with the neckpiece.

But most cats will take the treatment themselves if they feel like it.

cat seeks out minipulse
cat is looking for a nice place on the therapulse

Cats prove very clearly that magnetic field therapy is good for the body.