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Botanica, skin and wound care

Botanica skin and wound care
Botanica skin and wound care


At the end of January 2019 we were introduced to Botanica products. We were so impressed that we decided to include these products in our range. Below some general information. You will find a more detailed description of the individual products in the webshop.

Botanica International Ltd was established in 2005 to meet the growing awareness of natural products and to use the wonders of Nature’s Healing Energy.

They have developed a natural herbal assortment to treat common skin conditions.

The Herbal range contains a combination of natural ingredients, all of which have proven beneficial properties.

Botanica’s Herbal system works to promote healthy cell growth and complete recovery without scars.

We used to put a cream on a wound to form a barrier, but in fact a heavy thick cream can slow the healing process on two levels. It can keep dirt around the affected area and prevent the infection from coming out!

Botanica’s wash cleans the area and helps remove dirt or scabs that may have formed. This part of the process is vital because it keeps the affected area open and dry, so that any infections present can drain away.

The wash is followed by Botanica’s Herbal Cream, which is easily absorbed into the skin. It activates the healthy cells and the powerful combination of herbs and the soothing properties of the natural oils work towards a quick, complete recovery.

Daily washes and cream administration reduce the affected area and continue to release infections.

animal care

The general advice is to always wash the area with diluted wash, let it dry and then apply the cream.

The botanica combi can be used for:

Wound treatment
Cut wounds and wounds
Infected stiches and tears
caesarean sections
Itching and scratching
Hair loss
Instructions: Clean the area thoroughly with the wash (diluted: 2 caps per liter of warm water), do not rinse. Allow to dry for 3-5 minutes and then massage the herbal cream well. Repeat this twice a day.

This reduces wild meat, leaves little or no scars and prevents white / black hair.

In certain cases we use the wash undiluted, for example:

1. Ringworm
Directions: Apply the wash neatly (undiluted) to the affected area and leave on for about three minutes (do not rinse).
Then apply the herbal cream.
Repeat: in the morning, in the evening and next morning (3 applications).
The hair will grow back within a week and there should not be any traces or scars.

2. Blackspot (cattle)
3. Sarcoids
4. Warts
Instructions: Apply the wash undiluted on the affected part and massage it in well.
Then apply the herbal cream. Repeat twice a day for as long as necessary.

In addition, the wash can also be used very well for the normal washing of the animal:

Instructions: Put a dash of Cleansing Wash in a ½ bucket of warm water to rinse the animal and then dry the animal with a sweat knife or towel to remove excess water. Do not rinse the wash. The animal gets a super clean and shiny coat and it reduces the care time.

** This is also recommended for shaving, it makes it easier for the hair clipper, the animal and the person. The animal will become silky smooth and shiny. **

human care

Botanica products
Botanica products

Botanica products are all anti-septic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine. The Botanica herbal creams and washers are suitable for very sensitive skin and can be used under all skin conditions.