magnetic field human

PEMF Therapy and the immune system

The Coronavirus is an epidemic that is spreading all over the world. Many people look for a solution to protect themselves and their families. Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy (PEMF) is unfortunately not a cure for the virus, but with the help of PEMF you can help your body better defend its selves against the virus.

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how to test your minipulse or therapulse
magnetc field therapy

How to test if your equipment works

We regularly receive questions about how you can test whether the pulsating magnetic field therapy equipment, such as your minipulse or therapulse, works. After all, you don’t feel anything with your bare hands. You will receive a test magnet with the equipment. It is difficult to describe properly what to do with that magnet. That’s

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relaxed dog on magnetic field therapy mat
magnetic filed therapy for dogs

Magnetic field therapy pad for dogs

Magnetic field therapy is also increasingly being used for dogs. That was already the case for the treatment of injuries. But more and more people also choose to use the therapy preventively. Just like with horses, after a hard training or competition day, it is very good to treat the dogs for the disposal of

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chichen recovered by pemf

Chicken on magnetic field

At our stable, a chicken had ended up under a horse due to an unfortunate action by herself. The result was a thick leg which she don’t want to walk with. We have seen that for a few days, but the chicken did not want to walk or stand on its feet. Because we used

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controller therapulse
magnetic field horse

New appearance therapulse and minipulse

For a long time, the Therapulse and the Neckpiece have been supplied with the new controller, which has a digital display and no more protruding buttons. The minipulse now also has the same display. If you still have an old controller or the old display in the minipulse, you can choose to replace it with

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