A story to be shocked, but fortunately with a happy ending

wound before use of laser therapy

We received the following story from Suzanne van Diggele. Her daughter’s pony was seriously injured in a trailer accident. Fortunately, everything turned out well with the help of daily laser therapy.

My pony Chelsey has been involved in a serious car accident. She was covered in wounds all over her body. A number further attached a large number do not. We were afraid she would be left with scars forever.

A few days after the accident

My mother and I intensively treated her injuries twice a day for a month and the result was beyond expectations. The vets were also very enthusiastic about the healing of the wounds. The hair came back quickly and there was no formation of game meat.

After 2 weeks of laser treatment

I am very happy that my mother rented the laser device. The lasering took a lot of patience but we take that for granted. I am very happy that there is almost nothing left of the scars. I was very afraid that she would have big scars forever, luckily this is not the case! Thanks to Magnacare’s laser device, most of the scars have disappeared

At the end of the laser treatment