Is your horse not feeling well?

Is your horse lame, is he coughing or is he feeling uncomfortable for another reason?

You often feel helpless when your horse has an injury. You can usually do nothing but rest or give him some light movement, but nice riding doesn’t look like it for now.

How nice it would be if you could support your horse some more.

We have various therapies to deal with the most common injuries. They help your horse to recover faster, so you quickly can ride again .

Pulsed magnetic field therapy is our most commonly used therapy. You can easily apply it yourself. It helps your horse recover faster, so you can ride again quickly.

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Cure or prevent injuries?

We have various therapy products for both humans and animals. Because all equipment can be purchased or rented, a suitable program can be found for everyone.

Rent or Buy?


A short-term problem or try it out before you buy? We have developed the rental program for this. Have the opportunity to try out 3 months without extra costs


Convinced of our equipment and want to purchase it yourself? That is possible immediately, but also without extra costs after our 3 month rental program.

Rent to buy

Does the problem last a little longer or is this not the right moment to purchase? Then rent until the equipment is fully paid off.

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About Us

Riders and horse owners around the world have been using Centurion therapy products for decades. In all branches of equestrian sport, it is both professionals and amateurs who achieve good results with the different types of equipment.

MagnaCare has been the Dutch importer of Centurion since 1997.

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I use pulsating magnetic field therapy with regularity in our veterinary practice. And then I immediately put the emphasis on the pulsating magnetic field therapy, because I know that there are, for example, blankets with fixed magnets, but I see no point in that at all. I use the therapy especially with attachment problems of the tendons. I have the idea that it is analgesic and promotes healing. But I have also used it in other cases such as a hoof bone fracture. It works very practical and the owner can do it himself. In addition, I treat many sport horses that you cannot just give everything. This can be a nice support in the sport to remedy minor aches and pains. In rehabilitation, all kinds of devices pass by that should work well. Many of them also disappear quickly. However, I have been using this therapy for more than ten years and I keep coming back to it. That says enough.

Leendert-Jan Hofland
DAP Bodegraven

We regularly use the therapulse for our horses. We use this in two cases. To begin with, horses that we feel get muscle soreness quickly. You can see at some stages of the training that the horses are having a bit more trouble with it and that a lot of things have happened in the back. By then putting them on the magnetic field blanket for half an hour after work, I have the feeling that the waste materials are better removed and that they start their work more easily the next day. The second case in which we use it is with somewhat tense horses. We lay the blanket on it prior to work in order to get some muscle tone off. We always use the blanket for a minimum period of a few weeks, every day. I feel that in both cases the horses can start their work more relaxed and resigned and that is a big advantage in the course of the training.

Imke Schellekens-Bartels

I have been using the Therapulse blanket from Magnacare for about 3 years to support my treatments. In my work as a sports masseur I have specialized in biomechanics in the 15 years that I am allowed to do this, and I mainly work with dressage horses. Where in the past I used to treat a horse completely, this in combination with the Therapulse blanket goes much smoother. The horses relax after a few minutes, which makes work much easier for me, but it certainly also ensures that the horses experience the treatment as less annoying. Because the Therapulse promotes blood flow and also improves the oxygen supply, the blanket also works for a few hours after my treatment, in this way the horses suffer less from any sensitive muscles. I now have 2 Therapulse blankets .... I think that's enough!

Rosanne Tijssen – van Zelst
Equestrian masseur

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